Toshiba HX-10SF
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The Toshiba HX-10SF is one of the adaptations of the Japanese Toshiba HX-10DP for the European market. It was aimed at the Finnish market - see HX-10 series for the technical details

Initially, there were plans to release this machine under the brand Salora (see Salora MSX), but this project was dropped because Nokia, who had bought Salora in 1984, saw it dangerous for his professionnal MikroMikko1 and 2 computers.

A demo tape was provided with the Toshiba HX-10SF.

For other European versions, see HX-10AA, HX-10E, HX-10F, HX-10I and HX-10P.

Launch price: 2.995 MK


Toshiba HX-10E/10F/10I/ 10SF
Toshiba HX-10SF box
Toshiba HX-10SF box and computer
Toshiba HX-10AA/E/F/I/(P)/SF left side
Toshiba HX-10AA/10E/I/10(P)/10SF back
Toshiba HX-10E/10F/10I/10SF right side