Toshiba HX-21F
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The Toshiba HX-21F is the adaptation for France of the HX-21 - see HX-21 series for the technical details

Note that it has a QWERTY keyboard, just like the HX-10F, and that a specific RGB connector (Peritel) replaces the RF, composite video and audio connectors.

The Japanese Word Processor has been replaced by an English Word Processor, the PSG sound is mono instead of stereo, the Memory Disk feature and the additional MSX-BASIC commands for the printer have been removed and it's not possible to add a RS-232C interface.


A menu proposing the firmware is launched when you start the computer, but you can skip it if you press ESC key while booting.



Toshiba HX-21F
Toshiba HX-21F inside
Toshiba HX-21F detail
Toshiba HX-21F back
Toshiba HX-21F label
Toshiba HX-21F right side
Toshiba HX-21F box (wih HX-22 picture)


Toshiba Intro screen
Toshiba Main menu
Toshiba English Word Processor
Toshiba EWP - Variables Sub-Menu
Toshiba EWP - Screen Variables
Toshiba EWP - Printing Variables