Toshiba HX-F101
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The HX-F101 is a 3.5" floppy disk drive with interface, released by Toshiba. The interface is fixed to the drive unit. A second drive can be attached to the primary unit, but it is unclear if such a second drive option was every actually made available by Toshiba.

The interface includes a ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC instructions.

Four variations are known to exist, which are listed below. The table may not be completely correct or complete. Note that the drive always displays HX-F101 in front, the complete product name appears only on the box and the label.

Product Type Color Region
HX-F101 2DD 720kB Ivory JP
HX-F101AA 1DD 360kB Black Europe
HX-F101PE 1DD 360kB Black Europe
HX-F101GB 2DD 720kB Black UK

Brand Toshiba
Model HX-F101
Year 1985
Region Europe, UK, JP
Launch price IT: L. 899,000
UK: £349.95
Package content HX-F101 interface and drive
Operating instructions
Emulation ROM of HX-101PE dumped and emulated - ROM dump needed for other versions. See this thread for details.


Toshiba HX-F101 manual
Toshiba HX-F101 black
HX-F101 black - back
Toshiba HX-F101 ivory
Toshiba HX-F101 label
Toshiba HX-F101 ivory - back
Toshiba HX-F101 interface
HX-F101 interface (back)
Toshiba HX-F101 with interface
HX-F101PE with Frael logo
Toshiba HX-F101 inside
Toshiba HX-F101 PCB
HX-F101PE box + content
Toshiba HX-F101GB box
Toshiba HX-F101PE box
Toshiba HX-F101PE
Toshiba HX-F101PE back
HX-F101PE content of box
HX-F101PE interface PCB
HX-F101PE interface PCB (underside)

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