Toshiba HX-T330
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The HX-T330 is a superimpose unit, which was sold by Toshiba in Japan. It can be used with the following Toshiba computers:

In front of the unit, the input source can be selected (RGB or analog) and you can control the video, audio mix and superimpose level. At the back there is a potentiometer to adjust the balance between red and green.

Official price: ¥39,800 + optionally a remote control HX-T331 for ¥5,000


Toshiba HX-T330
Toshiba HX-T330 front
Toshiba HX-T330 back




  • RGB21 input (not Scart)
  • RCA audio and analog video input
  • RCA audio and analog video output
  • DIN connector with composite video and stereo audio input