Toshiba T7937
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Toshiba T7937

The Toshiba T7937 is an MSX Engine designed for MSX1 systems with the following features:

  • main CPU, a Zilog Z80 (clone) with a clock speed of 3,58 MHz.
  • PSG-sound chip, compatible with a General Instrument AY-3-8910
  • Video Display Controller: T6950 rev.B (Texas Instruments TMS9918 compatible)
  • parallel I/O chip: backward compatible with the Intel i8255
  • MSX 1-functions
  • dimensions: 10,5 × 8,60 mm

T7937 revisions

There are two known revisions. The T7937 and the T7937A. The difference between them is not known.

The table below attempts to map the revisions. The table may contain errors, or it may be possible that a vendor used both revisions of the T7937 during the lifetime of the system.

T7937 T7937A
Al Fateh 100 - x
Al Fateh 123 - x
Gradiente Expert DDPlus - x
Gradiente Expert Plus - x
Sakhr AX-170 x x
Sakhr AX-230 - x
Toshiba HX-51 x -
Toshiba HX-52 x -