Tracks 02
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Bicycle Race

Diskmagazine created by P&Msx / Stichting Code in association with Software Gids (ex-MSX Gids) and published in June 1990.

Note: all the ASC files are plain ASCII text files.

Main content:

  • MCR MultiCartridge
  • Booting with CTRL pressed down
  • Good ON STOP programming
  • User-friendly programming
Four In A Row
Picture Puzzle
Chinese Sliding Puzzle


  • 5 games: Bicycle Race - Four In A Row (Vier Op Een Rij) - Mondrian Puzzle - Picture Puzzle - Chinese Sliding Puzzle (Chinese Schuifpuzzel)
  • Digital Numbers
  • DISKINHD.BAS: file utility
  • FM-PAC S-RAM Monitor
  • RGB Editor
  • Super Sprite Editor
  • View-Master: video utility

Playing tips: