Victor HC-A602S
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The HC-A602S is a superimpose module, which was sold by Victor/JVC only in Japan. It can be used with the HC-5, HC-6 or HC-60 MSX1 computers.

This module has a Balance slider to adjust the superimposing.

The product name is "Super Impose/VTR Record/RGB Out". Official price: ¥20,000.


  • This module is built-in in the HC-7 computer. Even the versions sold outside Japan - JVC HC-7E and HC-7GB - have it, but the Monitor/VTR Record connector has been replaced by a Monitor connector and the Balance slider has been removed.
  • Victor released a software product called Joy Graph which can be used with this module for the superimposition.


Victor HC-A602S
Victor HC-A602S back
Victor HC-A602S front and underside
Victor HC-A602S label
Victor HC-A602S detail of box
Victor HC-A602S box and content


  • RGB output (RGB21 connector - cable not included)
  • DIN connector with composite video and stereo audio input (cable is included)