Victor HD-7800
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The Victor HD-7800 is a VHD player, released in 1984.

It does not have the VHDpc logo, what implies it can be used with some Japanese MSX1/MSX2 computers provided with the required VHD interface and superimposing capacities, but only the CALL VP instruction of VHD BASIC can be used and you can't use VHD's with the VHDpc logo.

Some features of the CALL VP instruction are not available with this player.

It supports AHD for digital audio only but an external AHD decoder can be added for the digital video.

The included remote control CT-V78 can also be used with the BD-7950 and HD-7900 players, which have the VHDpc logo.

Launch price: ¥153,000.


Victor CT-V78 remote control
Victor HD-7800
Victor HD-7800 back
Victor HD-7800 label
Victor CT-V78 remote control (back)