Victor IF-7900
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The Victor IF-7900 VHD interface is a sequel to the IF-7510. The IF-7900 is compatible with the "VHDpc Inter Action" standard.

A VHDpc interface is able to read an interpreted program similar to BASIC digitally recorded onto the VHD (on the track B audio channel) that can be executed by any computers that uses an interface and associated player with the VHDpc logo. Thus no need for an external program (usually on tape) to run an interactive software on VHDpc.

This interface is designed to be used between the HC-7 computer and a Victor (or compatible) VHD player, via the AHD port used for computer control of the player.

It can also be used with

  • the HC-5, HC-6 and HC-60 computers when they are extended with the superimposing adaptor module HC-A602S. However, the very low RAM of HC-5 will prevent to run most VHD games, if you don't add at least 16kB RAM.
  • most Japanese Toshiba computers when they are extended with the Toshiba HX-T330 superimpose unit

The HC-A602S module is also required on Japanese MSXs without superimpose capacity, such as Yamaha CX5, CX5F, YIS-503, etc.

The interface comes with a manual and a AHD cable. The RGB21 or composite video cables are optional. The AHD cable connector is an DIN-13 as some MIDI cables. The pinout is unknown.

The cartridge includes a 32kB ROM with additional MSX-BASIC instructions - see VHD BASIC.

Note that the IF-7900 interface can't be used with

  • the HC-90 and HC-95 computers, which require the IF-C9C interface
  • any MSX with external/internal superimpose device in NTSC (A few old monitors/TVs have superimpose functionality)

The use of this interface with HD-7800 VHD player is limited because it does not have VHDpc support. Only the CALL VP instruction from VHD BASIC can be used and you can't use VHD's with the VHDpc logo.

The HD-7100(B) and HD-7500(B) VHD players mentioned in an IF-7900 flyer can't actually be used with a MSX system: HD-7500 does not have a DIN 13, but DIN 8 connector for AHD while HD-7100 does not even have any AHD port.

Launch price: ¥35,000.


Victor IF-7900
Victor IF-7900 box and content
Victor IF-7900 manual
Victor IF-7900
Victor IF-7900
Victor IF-7900 back
Victor IF-7900 box
IF-7900 with RGB21 A/V input cable