Victor IF-7910
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The Victor IF-7910 VHD interface is an upgraded version of the IF-7900. The IF-7910 is compatible with the "VHDpc Inter Action" standard.

A VHDpc interface is able to read an interpreted program similar to BASIC digitally recorded onto the VHD (on the track B audio channel) that can be executed by any computers that uses an interface and associated player with the VHDpc logo. Thus no need for an external program (usually on tape) to run an interactive software on VHDpc.

It comes with a manual and a RGB21 video cable.

This interface is designed to be used between the HC-7 computer and a Victor (or compatible) VHD player, via the AHD port used for computer control of the player.

This interface can also be used with the HC-6 and HC-60 computers when they are extended with the superimposing adaptor module HC-A602S.

Note that the IF-7910 interface can't be used with

  • the HC-5 computer, that requires the IF-7510 interface
  • the HC-90 and HC-95 computers, which require the IF-C9C interface
  • any other MSX with external/internal superimpose device in NTSC (A few old monitors/TVs have superimpose functionality)