Victor IF-C9D
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The Victor IF-C9D interface seems to be a downgraded version of the IF-C9C device, as many chips on the right side of the PCB have been removed, while installing a RS-232C interface. It does not support VHDpc features.

This device needs to be inserted in one of the two back locations with a 96-pin connector, on the HC-90 and HC-95 computers.

It has two connectors instead of only one:

  • the left connector of this interface is used to connect the computer to a Victor (or compatible) VHD player, via the AHD port used for computer control of the player.
  • the right connector is a DB-9 RS-232C connector, it allows to connect another device, this for a specific using. The official catalog mentions a touch panel and probably refers to the GD-M15T RGB monitor with touch panel and infrared detection, it seems that it was used when a NAPLPS terminal was also connected to the HC-90/9S, by adding a specific interface: see NAPLPS MK2.

This model includes a 32kB ROM but a big part is empty:

  • only a part of VHD BASIC is available: the CALL VHD interpreter instruction is missing, only the CALL VP instruction can be used to play VHD games that have game code on cassette
  • a specific CALL TP32 instruction is available, probably to initialize the connection between the computer and the touch panel - its syntax is CALL TP32(A, B, C) with A, B, C as strings (we don't have info about these parameters)
Brand Victor
Model IF-C9D
Region JP
Launch price ¥35,000
Package content
Emulation ROM dumped, but not yet emulated


Victor IF-C9D PCB
Victor IF-C9D PCB back
Victor IF-C9D connectors
Victor IF-C9D connectors
Victor IF-C9D