Sunrise Video9000
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The Sunrise Video9000 is an add-on board for the Sunrise GFX9000, that allows you to digitize/superimpose on MSX2/2+/Turbo-R in the high-resolution of the GFX9000 video-modes. It was developed by Koen van Hartingsveldt of Sunrise.

If you wanted to order a Video9000, you had to send your GFX9000 to Sunrise, where they soldered the board on the GFX9000. The new card (including Video9000) was then be placed into a new box that includes the connectors and colour/contrast regulators. This new cartridge needs to be connected to the MSX via a primary slot then.

With this digitizer you can

  • grab pictures from a video in 32768 colors, superimpose parts of it with animations and titles upon video images, mix your own creations with these video images, etc.
  • switch from the MSX2/2+/turboR screen to the GFX9000 screen and vice versa just by one simple command.
  • save directly (without graphic conversion programs) your images in several formats like: BMP, the known PC format, PIC or VGF (that can be showed with any GFX9000). And all this in several resolutions (all in 32768 colors): 512x424 interlaced, 384x290 overscan, etc.

The Video9000 board includes a lot of connectors (inputs and outputs). It is possible to digitize images from a RGB source (for example, a MSX computer or a VCR with RGB output), CVBS (from a VCR, videocamera, computer, ...) and S-VHS (from some video cameras). The output is RGB.

Brand Sunrise
Model Video9000
Year 1997
Region NL
Launch price ƒ560
In combination with GFX9000 for ƒ920
Package content
Emulation Not emulated


Sunrise Video9000


  • Real time frame digitization
  • Superimposition of graphical images
  • Maximum resolution of 512×424 pixels
  • Support for 32768 colours (at the same time)
  • Support for overscan modes (no borders!)
  • CVBS, S-VHS and RGB inputs available
  • RGB Video-out connector (SUB-D)
  • Colour and intensity controls
  • Internal RGB-switch

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Only about 25 have been produced and they are no longer available.