Where can I find more about MSX on the Internet?
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This page lists several MSX internet resources.

Newsgroup: comp.sys.msx

(written by Marat Fayzullin [fms@cs.umd.edu])

Comp.sys.msx is a USENET newsgroup dedicated to MSX computers. Anything can be discussed in it, as long as it has any relation to MSX or its derivatives. We have a simple rules which your are asked to follow when you post into COMP.SYS.MSX:

  • Offtopics are tolerated but not welcomed. Please, be aware that it is first of all the MSX newsgroup.
  • Please, use English for all of your posts. No Dutch. No Spanish. Not even if your expected readers are supposed to know the language. If you do feel an absolute necessity to post in a different language, use the [Language] tag ([Dutch], [French], etc.) in the beginning of your post's topic.
  • Do not post any binaries. Really small (<3kB) binaries are tolerated, but do not count on it. Anything bigger than that should be uploaded to one of the FTP sites or put onto a WWW page and then announced in the newsgroup.
  • Do not ask any questions until you have read this FAQ. There is a very high probability that your question is answered here and asking it in a newsgroup will only annoy the regulars.
  • No Holy Wars please. If you think that your MSX is better than everybody else's PC or vice versa, that is your personal business. Do not force it down anyone's throat and do not try to argue about it, as nothing useful will come out of it anyway.
  • Remember that your message is sent via thousands of computersystems, so think about the regular netiquette: if you quote, cut out everything that is not needed to understand the message and try not to send 10 messages only saying ``I agree or something. Try to combine replies in one message and only post if you really have to say something.

MSX web sites

Well, you have found at least one by reaching this page! ;-) But, you can find more MSX WWW pages (and FTP sites) in the links database of The MSX Resource Center.

MSX downloads

Here's some links:


Yes, there are. The most popular international MSX IRC channels are:

  • #MSX on Undernet (eu.undernet.org)
  • #MSX on Rizon (irc.rizon.net)
  • #MSXdev on Rizon (irc.rizon.net)
  • #openMSX on Freenode (irc.freenode.net), mostly targeted at openMSX or emulation discussion, though

If you don't have IRC software installed, you can try Mibbit.

MSX Mailinglist

You can get subscribed by filling in the form on the info page of the mailinglist. Please consider the rules the same as for the MSX newsgroup (see above), with the extra rules that messages with attachments are completely blocked. Also MIME messages with both HTML and normal text portions are blocked. In case of problems you can e-mail the administrators: msx-admin@stack.nl. This is the International MSX list. There are others too, see below. On the International MSX Mailinglist, it is forbidden to post in any other language than English.

There are also some non-International MSX Mailinglists, like the MSX Brazillian Mailinglist ([MSXBR-L). This one is meant for users who speak Portuguese.

Then there's the Italian MSX list (MSXIT-l). It accepts messages in Italian (of course), Portuguese (because the people of MSXBR-L helped them setting it up) and English. To subscribe, mail to: tresoldi@inter-rotas.com.br without subject and in the body of message: subscribe msxit-l [your e-mail address].

Last, but not least: HispaMSX, the most famous Spanish MSX Mailinglist. HispaMSX is a mailing list for Spanish MSX users, but guests speaking other languanges are accepted, too. The list is hosted at Yahoo! Groups. The URL is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hispamsx. The e-mail address for subscribing to the list is: hispamsx-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

MSX internet radio

You can find it here: http://www.live365.com/stations/266034.