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Wim set his first steps on a computer at the age of 10 on an Elektor Junior, build by his dad. His very first (tiny) machine program was typed in on its numeric keyboard in HEX code. Only after the addition of large monochrome terminal, a memory module and a 8 inch floppy drive more elaborate software could be written.

When he was 11 he started programming in Microsoft Basic. First on the Videopac C7420 basic module, and in December 1983 on his first MSX: a Sony HitBit HP75P he got as a present from his parents.

After learning a new Belgian MSX magazine would be produced, he got in contact with the people behind the initiative to show them some of his work. The first game published from his hands was "Space Man" - inspired by the Spectrum game "Jet Pack" he once saw on the popular Dutch television broadcast "TROS Computer Club". Over the next few years he became known as "Game Master Wim" from the section "Speeltips" (playing tips) inside the MSX Club Magazine. Wim's mailbox was filled daily with letters and hand drawn maps. If your entry was published, you received a free copy of "Het Grote Peeks, Pokes en Truuks boek", of which five volumes were made.

After MSX Club Magazine seized to exist, Wim went on writing PC game reviews. He also had his own game tips pages in the Belgian commercial magazine CM (Computer Magazine) for several years.

He now works as a web developer in Brussels. In his free time, he still hangs around with the original MSX Club Magazine team. Currently Wim is writing a book on MSX Konami games.

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