Yaesu FIF-232C
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The Yaesu FIF-232C is a digital CAT interface unit released in 1986. CAT means 'Computer Aided Transceiver'.

It can be used on any computer equipped with an EIA standard RS-232C output port capable of 4800 bits/sec operation, this to control many models of Yaesu radio-communication transceivers.

It is provided with a 6-pin DIN transceiver-interface control cable, an auxiliary PTT/AGC control cable, a spare fuse (0.5A) and the CAT System Serial I/O Data Manual. The RS-232C cable for the connection with the computer is not included.

Besides the DIN CAT connection with the computer, this specific unit also requires connection to the AC line.

Contrary to the FIF-MX, software is not supplied with the FIF-232C, but programming information is provided in the CAT System chapters of the radios' operating manuals.

Official price: ¥14,500

Yaesu released also an enhanced version in 1987, the FIF-232C VAN with

  • two DIN connectors for connection to two transceivers
  • a RS-232C connector for connection to a Terminal Node Controller (TNC)
  • a non-removable R5-232C cable for connection to the RS-232C port of a computer



Yaesu FIF-232C box and content
Yaesu FIF-232C box
Yaesu FIF-232C box opened
Yaesu FIF-232C
Yaesu FIF-232C back
Yaesu FIF-232C


Yaesu FIF-232C VAN box and content
Yaesu FIF-232C VAN box
Yaesu FIF-232C VAN manual
Yaesu FIF-232C VAN
Yaesu FIF-232C VAN back
Yaesu FIF-232C VAN