Yamaha MMP-01
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The Yamaha MMP-01 is a Music Pad dedicated to creation of music, and features a matrix of buttons whose functions will vary according to the software being used, and its matching sheet.

It originally came with the MPS-01 Music Pad Sheet, and other sheets were available for ¥2,000 each.

  • MPS-02 Multi-purpose (music)
  • MPS-04 Multi-purpose (blanc)

Official price: ¥19,800

There was also a dedicated Pad Application program offered, PAP-01 BASIC-Helper (BASICヘルパー) for ¥9,800.


It might look like a huge touchpad at first glance, but in fact it uses the MSX-Paddle (PWM) protocol to transmit its coordinates, like this:

1 PWM0 X coordinate
2 PWM1 Y coordinate
6 Digital Sense

The sense signal indicates that a button was pressed. Only when sense=0 that the MMP-01 will update the X and Y coordinates so the software can read them.


Yamaha MMP-01 with box
Yamaha MMP-01
Yamaha MMP-01 with Music Pad Sheet MPS-01
Yamaha MMP-01 label