Yamaha STC-01
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The module STC-01 is the combination of a modem with a Word Processor. It was released by Yamaha in 1986 as 'TeleWord'.

This module was used with the Yamaha MSX1/MSX2 musical computers (the CX serie) to receive and send MIDI data.

The cartridge TWE-01 enhances some features of this module.


You can launch the software by entering CALL TW. However, if you use it in conjunction with the TWE-01 cartridge, you need to enter CALL TW40.

The menu is the same in both cases, what's a little confusing.

Press F1 to access the Word Processor, F2 to access the Directory features, F3 to access the Telecommunications features. The two last options require that your phone system is connected to the module.

The Word Processor allows to create documents, edit them by using advanced features, print them by using the PN-101 printer, store them on a variety of devices, including FD-03 or FD-05 disk drive or any standard cassette tape recorder.

The Directory option allows to store 50 phone numbers on the internal SRAM of the module.

The Telecommunications option allows to send docs and data to another computer equipped with a modem, and gives access to electronic bulletin boards and other information services.



STC-01 Service manual
Yamaha STC-01
Yamaha STC-01 underside


TeleWord menu
TeleWord word processor