Yamaha SX-100
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The SX-100 is a small MSX computer designed for gamers. It has a single cartridge port which is placed on the right side. This model was sold in black (SX-100 DB), white or dark blue.

It was aimed at the Japanese market and features a Japanese keyboard.

Official price: ¥36,800

The same model was also sold in Japan as the Victor HC-30 in black or red.

Brand Yamaha
Type SX-100
Year 1986
RAM 32kB (? in slot 0)
Media MSX compatible cartridge slot [special 56 connector]
Video Yamaha V9938 (MSX2 VDP!)
Audio PSG (YM2149 integrated in MSX-Engine S3527)
Chipset Yamaha S3527


Yamaha SX-100 DB
Yamaha SX-100 BD back
Yamaha SX-100 underside
Yamaha SX-100 DB box, computer, power supply and manual
Yamaha SX-100 manual
Yamaha SX-100 (white


The SX-100 is a MSX1 with a Z80A from Sharp (LH0080A), a V9938 and an MSX-Engine S3527 from Yamaha.

The power supply (9V, + at center) is external.

Yamaha also produced a slot expander for this computer, called the SX-101 Expansion box (official price: ¥26,800), designed to be placed underneath the monitor.


  • RGB Monitor output
  • RF output
  • Video composite output
  • Analog sound output
  • Tape recorder connector
  • Centronics compatible Parallel port for a printer
  • 2 general connectors (joysticks, mouse, paddle controllers, ...)
  • 1 cartridge slot (right side)