Yamaha SX-101
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The Yamaha SX-101 Expansion box is an original slot expander designed to be placed under the monitor. It has been especially conceived for the Yamaha SX-100 computer, but can also be used with the rebranded Victor HC-30, which have only one standard cartridge slot.

This slot expander adds a second standard cartridge slot and a specific SFG module slot (60 pin connector).

As far as the provided cable is long enough, it is actually possible to transform any 'normal' MSX machine into a Yamaha MSX music computer.

Official price: ¥26,800


Yamaha SX-101
Yamaha SX-101 underside
Yamaha SX-101 detail with SFG module
Yamaha SX-101 front
Yamaha SX-101 back
Yamaha SX-101 with SFG module