Yamaha TWE-01
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The Yamaha TWE-01 cartridge was released in 1986 by Yamaha and can be used on MSX1 and higher computers. According the version of this cartridge, the sticker can be different, but the word 'Enhancer' is present in all cases.

It was used with the Yamaha musical computers (the CX serie) to receive and send MIDI data. You can use it with or without the 'TeleWord' STC-01 module, which combines a modem with a Word Processor.


You can launch the software by entering CALL TW40.

The menu is the same as for the non-enhanced version of TeleWord, what's a little confusing.

Press F1 to access the Word Processor, F2 to access the Directory features, F3 to access the Telecommunications features. The two last options require that your phone system is connected to the module.

F2 can also be used when a Yamaha MIDI device is connected to your CX computer.

Used alone, this cartridge provides basic Word Processor features: printing by using the PN-101 printer, storage on a variety of devices, including FD-03 or FD-05 disk drive or any standard cassette tape recorder.

In addition, the cartridge is MIDI-compatible. It allows you to store and retrieve voice data from any Yamaha X-series musical product. This feature requires of course a SFG module.

When used in conjunction with the TeleWord module, the Enhanced cartridge upgrades the module's telecommunications features:

  • Xmodem protocol for error-free transmission of binary files (music data files)
  • Direct transfer to disk of any files you receive by modem
  • Keystroke-saving "macro" feature for automatic logging on to information services and electronic bulletin boards
  • Ability to return to the "Talk" mode for telephone conversations following file transfers

The Enhanced cartridge also upgrades the module's word-proccessing capabilities with additional features:

  • Daisy wheel printer support
  • Programmable tab stops
  • Tabs and margins that can be stored indefinitely in the module (until changed by the user)
  • Storing-retrieving of specific blocks of text
  • Merging of text files into currently displayed documents
  • Compatibility with the international standard paper size (8.5 inches by 12 inches)



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