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The Zilog Z180 microprocessor is the improved version of Zilog’s previous microprocessor, the Z80. It was made in conjunction with Hitachi, who launched it first, named HD64180, and by Zilog named Z80180.

The most important feature was the built in Memory Management Unit, capable to address 512KB in the HD64180 and 1024KB in the Z80180. It also adds a few instructions such as an 8-bit multiply and instructions to better support the 16-bit I/O address space.

It is not fully backwards compatible with the Z80 though, because the 00H-3FH I/O address space is reserved for internal functions, and the undocumented IXH/IXL instructions are not functional.

This processor was used in at least four MSX computers: Mitsubishi ML-TS100, Mitsubishi ML-TS100M2, Victor HC-90 and Victor HC-95, all MSX2 computers, running at 6,144 MHz, in addition to a 3.58 MHz Z80 for compatibility.


Many versions were made, but this processor didn’t gain much attention from MSX companies.

Chip Speed (MHz) Timers I/O Comm. Contr. Others
Z80180 6, 8, 10 2 N/S CPU 1 MB MMU, 2xDMAs, 2xUARTs
Z80181 10 1 16 CPU 1 MB MMU, 2xDMAs, 2xUARTs
Z80182 16, 33, 20 0 Clock Serial, 24 ESCC, CSIO, UART S180 Megacell, 2xESCC channels, 16550 MIMIC
Z80195 20, 33 4 7/24 SCC, CSIO, UART
Z8L180 20 2 Clock Serial CSIO, UART 1 MB MMU, 2xDMAs, 2xUARTs, 3.3 V Operation
Z8L182 20 0 Clock Serial ESCC, CSIO, UART S180 Megacell, 2xESCC channels, 16550 MIMIC, 3.3V operation
Z8S180 10, 20, 33 2 Clock Serial UART, DMA, Timers 1 MB MMU, 2xDMAs, 2xUARTs




More information about the Zilog Z180 can be found here:

Zilog: http://www.zilog.com/manage_directlink.php?filepath=docs/z180/ps0140