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Zasm is a cross-platform assembler for 8080, HD64180 and Z80 originally developed by Günter Woigk. Zasm is developed for Unix-like operating systems like OSX, Linux, BSD, etc.

This assembler is licensed under GPL.


Project page:

Main features:

  • Assemble extended code for the Hitachi HD64180.
  • Assemble code limited to the 8080.
  • Can compile and include c source files.
  • Can generate binary files or Intel Hex or Motorola S19 files.
  • Can include the generated opcodes and accumulated cpu cycles and a list of all labels.
  • Supports various historically used syntax variants and the syntax emitted by sdcc.
  • Supports multiple code and data segments, nested conditional assembly and nested local scopes.
  • Supports code and data compression using ZX7, Einar Saukas' 'optimal' LZ77 packer.