Zemmix Mini
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The Zemmix Mini (재믹스 미니) is a miniature reproduction of the Zemmix V made to celebrate the 34Th anniversary Zemmix consoles. It was sold in Korean in 2019. It is based on a Rastberry Pi 3 model B + 16GB. Several software are included.

The emutator used is based on BlueberryMSX.

It was available in same colors same the original console. Packaging contents the unit, a pedestal with cartrige slot, a joystick, manual, AC adapter, HDMI cable and a sticker.

An optional floppy disk drive is also available.

Price : 285,000 wons.


Zemmix Mini (red)
Zemmix Mini (black)
Zemmix Mini (white)


  • Specific expansion (for the pedestal)
  • MSX cartridge slot (on the pedestal)
  • Audio output (Earphones)
  • 2 USB ports (for the gamepads, keyboard or Floppy Disk Drive)
  • USB micro port (for the power supply)
  • HDMI output