Zemmix Super Mini
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The Zemmix Super Mini (재믹스 슈퍼 미니) is a miniature reproduction of the Zemmix Super V sold in Korean in 2021. It is based on a Rastberry Pi. Several software are included including ten originals. It is available in two colors (black or white) and probably another special edition.

The emutator used is based on BlueberryMSX.

Packaging contents the unit, a game pad, manual, USB type C and HDMI cables. The unit size is 15 cm.

Price : Around 100,000 wons.


Zemmix Super Mini
Zemmix Super Mini ad


  • MicroSD slot
  • 2 USB ports (for the gamepads)
  • USB type C port (for the power supply)
  • HDMI output